Assisting Clients Throughout The Chicago Area

Douglas A. Boodt is an experienced Orland Park lawyer who can expedite your divorce in ways that give you confidence and closure, and help you move on with your life. He works hard to mediate, negotiate or aggressively litigate an outcome for child access opportunities and property division rights that you can live with.

Divorcing couples come in all shapes and sizes — those who are on "the same page" for an uncontested marital dissolution, others whose differences over child custody can be negotiated to a successful outcome and clients whose significant assets must be protected during high net worth divorce. The Law Office of Douglas A. Boodt, LLC, is here to help.

Have you finally decided to seek knowledgeable estate planning legal advice? Has responsibility for a loved one's estate fallen to you? Is a will contest dividing your family? Are you facing serious drunk driving or other criminal charges? Attorney Douglas A. Boodt knows how to prepare you for, and guide you through, an often complex legal process — providing wise advice and personal service along the way.

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